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Building materials for the castle

With a strong eco-responsible orientation, this restoration project notably has a bio-based materials component. A maximum of ecological and natural materials will be used in the construction while respecting the codes and standards of an establishment open to the public.

Some examples of construction materials that will be used in the project:


The walls will be made of Fermacell plates: they offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and are composed only of plaster and cellulose fibers from paper recycling. This type of plate also offers excellent protection against fire, a particularly important criterion in an establishment open to the public.

Cellulose wadding insulation.

Cellulose wadding is a very efficient insulator to fight against extreme temperature variations, providing thermal comfort in summer and winter. Thanks to its thermal performance, this bio-based insulation has a phase shift significantly greater than that of conventional insulation. Bio-based material made from 90% recycled paper fibers.

cellulose wadding.PNG
paint buckets

The Paintings will be mat or satin and of vegetable origin.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
a project to install solar panels and use rainwater in toilets are also being studied.
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