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Opening of investors' capital

French residents only



With solid foundations dating back to the twelfth century, this multi-faceted place through the ages will surely touch you clothly or by far.

This project with a strong eco-responsible orientation, will participate in revitalizing and diversifying the tourism offer of this region. An enchanting place at the gates of the city, accessible to all.

Thanks to the opening of the capital of our company, we give you the opportunity to invest in a concrete project with multiple benefits.

Tax deduction (see details below, % waiting Europe's vote)

Possible dividends

Recovery of the investment after 5 years


An exclusivity in Corrèze and the first place in France to offer this set of activities.


Ugo wants to invest in the project.

He calls us to know the principle.


Ugo: "Hi guys, your project interests me, how does your investment work, what do I win?"


Us: "How much do you pay taxes in a year?"


Ugo: "2,000 €"


We: "Ok, so the principle of the investment is that the money is locked in the capital of the company for 5 years, and you get 18% of your stake, in deduction on your taxes of the year 2021. "


Ugo: "Ok, what do I need to do ?"


We: "It's simple, just ask your bank to transfer funds to the account of S.A.S Château du Theil"


Ugo: "It's done, and now how does it work?"


We: "Now you have a tax reduction, it's up to you to write the amount you invested, on your declaration, do not worry, we'll call you when the time comes."


Ugo: "And my 8,000 € ?"


We: "Your money is integrated into the capital of our company.You are now a shareholder.To keep the benefit of your tax deduction, your money must remain there for 5 years. However you are free to do what you want with it, but by withdrawing it you will have to repay the taxes. At the end of the 5th year you can sell or keep your shares and continue to receive the dividends every year, it's up to you to choose "


Ugo: "And my father who pays 12 000 € in taxes, would also be interested, how does it work for him?"


We: "Same thing, it is limited to a reduction of 10 000 € / year on its taxes. So take the example of an investment of

60 000 €, he obtains x € of deduction. In 2021 he will have a reduction of x €, and as it will be at the ceiling the remaining x € will be carried over to the following year. "


Ugo: "Great, thank you, see you at the castle."



Who can benefit from the tax reduction for investment in the capital of a company?

The "Madelin" system is open to any tax resident in France who subscribes directly to the initial capital or capital increases of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the seed, start-up or expansion phase.


Payments must be made in cash, ie in the form of cash, checks, transfers, etc.


To do so, you must contact us at the following address:

They must be subscriptions in the form of equity securities (shares or preference shares) or shares.


It is possible to make investments through holding companies provided that their sole purpose is to invest in companies that are themselves eligible for the "Madelin" scheme.


How long do you have to keep your shares to benefit from the Madelin tax reduction?

You must commit to keeping all the securities you have received in exchange for your subscription until December 31st of the 5th year following that of your subscription.

The purchase of the securities can not give rise to a refund before the end of the 10th year following that of your subscription.


What is the amount of the "Madelin" tax reduction?

The amount of the income tax reduction corresponds to 18% of the sums invested each year within the limit of a ceiling of 50,000 € for a single person and 100,000 € for a married or pacsé couple.


If your investment exceeds the cap, you do not lose the benefit of your tax cut. It is possible to defer the portion of the investment that exceeds this limit to the income tax due for the following 4 years within the limits of the same annual ceilings.


The reportable portion of the tax reduction is shown on the income tax notice for the year of the payment.

However, if the amount of your tax reduction exceeds the amount of tax due, the unassigned portion of this reduction can not give rise to any refund or carry-over of tax due for subsequent years.

Increase in the rate of the "Madelin" tax reduction



The Finance Act for 2019 brings the rate of the tax reduction to 18% for payments made

until December 31, 2020.

Waiting validation by Europe



How to apply for your "Madelin" tax reduction?

Each year, you must defer the amount of the sums you paid in respect of the subscriptions made to the capital of SMEs on the supplementary income declaration n ° 2042 C (box 7 CF).


Deferral of payments from previous years that exceeded the limit of € 50,000 or € 100,000 is to be reported on lines 7CQ, 7 CR, 7 CV and 7 CX.


Attention, the tax reduction is resumed in case of sale of shares before 5 years.

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