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Where is it ?

Theil Castle, is located northeast of the city of Ussel in Corrèze. A city of around 10,000 people. It is located just 7 minutes from the A 89 highway. A small lost gem in a 6 hectare park in the city.

location map.JPG

A beat of history

The origins of the castle date back to 1120, it then belongs to Baron Albert de Charlus, lord of Laborde and will belong to the Charlus family until 1468.

The Charlus de Laborde family will remain in place until 1468. The castle will then be transformed into a small seminary, from 1886 to 1898, then into a hospital during the First World War. In May 1941, André Chevalier acquired it. From 1943 to 1953, he accepted to graciously welcome the primary school of Ussel. In 1980, it also served as a summer camp. The castle will then belong to his heirs until it is bought in 2019.


Post card 1950


Post card 1970

Présentation of the projet

The gaol is to create an unusual place unique in France that includes a 4 star hotel with 14 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a seminar room, a landscaped park accessible for events (concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc.) , an aquaponic greenhouse and 7 unusual troglodyte type tiny-houses scattered throughout the park.

The whole being thinked with an eco-responsible design policy (use of bio-based materials), as well as part of the production on site for the restaurant.

An exclusivity in Corrèze and the first domain in France to offer this set of activities. It will be no less than 18 jobs created from the opening, thus contributing to the territorial dynamic.


photo july 2019


Visual concept from our architect Mr Perichon


Baefore/After : visual concept of the Bar (©Mato)

bedroom 4.JPG

Before/After visual concept of a double bedroom (©Mato)

landscape park plan.PNG

Landscaped park project plan and aerial view of the estate


Park area with additional accommodation (©Mr Perichon)


visual concept of the additional accommodation (©Mato)

What is aquaponie?

The concept of aquaponie is a virtuous cycle allowing at the same time the cultivation of vegetables and the breeding of fish which will then be prepared and eaten in the restaurant. This technique is particularly well suited to the field which has 3 water sources. A quality water that will be used for park maintenance and fish farming, in combination with the recovery of rainwater.

aquaponics diagram.jpg
visual of the aquaponic greenhouse.jpg

Visual concept and explanatory diagram of the aquaponic farm. (© Salmon from France)

What actions have already been taken

After the purchase of the castle and its domain in September 2019, the first actions consisted in cleaning the surroundings of the castle, which had become almost inaccessible due to uncontrolled vegetation for more than 20 years. Once this step had been taken, it was necessary to empty the premises of all the bulky items and various waste abandoned and accumulated on the spot since then. Finally a few weeks later the demolition of the walls, floors and ceilings could begin to keep only the main walls and the roof. The demolition of the already collapsed North Wing followed. Then the removal of the old roof to be redone. The various construction phases in the building were then able to follow one another quickly: 

- Complete recovery of facades 

- Creation of the ground floor slab of the 1st and 2nd floor 

- Resumption of the wall between the two towers

- Roof finishes

- Installation of the first windows

- Creation of the first partitions of the bedrooms.


Who are we ?

We are three partners in this project:

Benoit BARRIER, a pure 30 years old Usselois who after a business school decided to come back to his home town and who is at the origin of the project.

His father Bruno BARRIER, 55 years old manager of companies and restorateur in Ussel since always (20 years).

And finally Francis MALAQUIS, a 30-year-old Usselois friend of Benoit from the school benches ended up joining the adventure.


Our commitment to this project

Our commitment to this project is total. After resigning from our respective jobs, it now occupies 100% of our time. From sunrise to sunset, there are a series of meetings, files, videos, and on-site work every day of the week. In the long term we will work, Benoit (president of the SAS) and Francis (General manager) full time to ensure the good functioning and the reception of the public at the castle.

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