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A project which Benoit had the idea from the start and which fits perfectly into the adventure. An area made up of several sources of water and a need to produce healthier products for the restaurant, here we go.

The study of the greenhouse is currently underway but will be at the center of visits to the park, to allow everyone to come and discover this cultivation technique so special. The objective for the moment is centered around the breeding of trout, a species frequent in this region, and the cultivation of vegetables such as salads, tomatoes etc. Ultimately the idea will be to offer both trout and vegetables on the restaurant's plates.


Here is the first design of our greenhouse (design made with the help of Pierre Harlaut from Aquaponics France)


The future aquaponics greenhouse of around 600 m² will be made up of 2 separate areas. The greenhouse in which the vegetables will be grown on floating rafts and the trout farming area, which must remain at a relatively low temperature. (the walls are not shown in the drawing)

On this design you can see all the steps:

  • Germination of seeds on central tables.

  • The culture of young plants on the back walls.

  • Fish rearing tanks.

  • And the vegetable growing rivers which represent the largest area of the building.

The entire site is designed to be accessible to all visitors and allow them to discover this culture during a guided tour of the park.


Once the young plants have germinated, they are placed in the holes of the floating rafts.


The advantages of this type of culture

Saves 90% of the water consumed in conventional agriculture.

The water used turns in a closed circuit beneficial for plants and fish.


Aquaponics makes it possible to grow fruits and vegetables without fertilizers or pesticides.

This reduces the ecological impact by producing in the heart of cities.


Allows you to produce both fishes and vegetables.

There is more to taste! 🌱

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