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A hotel project, rooted in 20 centuries of history, presented to 730 visitors on the occasion of European Heritage Days.

Despite two big stormy showers, more than 700 people came to (re) discover the castle of Theil during the two heritage days. If the majority of visitors were from Ussell, the high visibility of the hotel project on social networks attracted visitors far beyond to see concretely the project with which they joined during the crowdfunding campaign last spring. . Visitors of all ages who, for some, discovered a building they did not know and who, for others, older, came to tell their memories in a castle which had temporarily become a school after the Second World War.

A lot of curiosity also listening to the archaeological excavation report which suggests that the Ussell “vicus” (or Gallo-Roman settlement center) could be partially located on the slopes below the castle.

Finally, there is a lot of enthusiasm, to rub shoulders with the three passionate associates, guides for a weekend, who refused to remain passive in the face of the collapse of a castle so rich in regional history and individual histories.

A first successful participation in the European Heritage Days. Participation which will have made it possible to show as many people as possible that the challenge was on the way to being met. Participation and high attendance which should challenge regional officials on their possibilities of supporting private initiative and the pursuit of archaeological excavations. Participation and enthusiasm, which will have made it possible to detect new investors and new donors.

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