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After weeks spent evacuating bulky items, scrap metal, woodwork, garbage, insulation, etc.

We hired Boyer for the heavier demolition of the floors and main walls in the upper floors. After 3 weeks of work, the frame begins to unfold over its entire length. Here we are, the floors are gradually disappearing and we can now see the condition of the roof from the ground floor. The building will be completely cleared of its chimneys with the exception of that of the tower which will be kept for technical reasons. We can now admire the entire volume, levels and immensity of the castle from the doorstep. Some will be frightened, others reassured, all that remains is to renovate the roof and rebuild the floors.

A few days later, serious things began for the north wing of the castle. This part already collapsed on itself for lack of maintenance in recent years, will have to undergo a radical transformation that will secure the premises, still unstable. With the help of a large excavator, the demolition of this wing begins. It is first necessary to evacuate the wood of the old frame before you can advance to the center of the building and give the final blow to the part still attached to the tower.

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