You too BECOME Co-lord
  of the Château du Theil

Enter as a shareholder of the company that owns the Château

Opening of capital

from 100 €


More info and procedure

From January 9 to 30



Have you always dreamed of being a lord? Whether you are passionate about old stones , lovers of cultural heritage and castles , interested in investment and tax exemption or even keen on renovation:

You are in the right place !
The opportunity is given to you in Ussel, in Corrèze with the Château du Theil .
You will also perform a good deed .



When the company was created, the value of the share was established at € 1.
Thus, with an entry fee from 100 € you can:

  • Hold company shares;

  • Benefit from a tax advantage allowing you to reduce your taxes by 25% of the contribution thanks to the "Madelin Law" device;

  • Attach your name to that of the building and its rebirth;

  • Circulate free of charge for life in the common areas of the estate and more particularly the landscaped park



The Madelin law, or IR-PME tax reduction, is a tax system allowing everyone to benefit from a tax reduction by investing directly in the capital of French SMEs , that is to say in the real economy and job creation.


You invest in the project in exchange for part of the capital. This is a  financial investment in the same way as the opening of a livret A but more rewarding and useful to the local economy.


( entreprise/aides-fiscales/reduction-dimpot-souscription-au )


To benefit from the tax advantage, you must keep the securities acquired for at least 5 years and be domiciled in France for tax purposes.

If you do not do it for the tax benefit, there is no geographical limit to your investment in the project which today brings together Co-Chatelains from more than 20 different countries.


Investments made in SMEs fall into the category of amounts that can be included in tax loopholes. These cannot exceed 10,000 € of tax exemption per year. If your investments allow you to tax a higher amount, the surplus will be carried over to the following year.


As a shareholder and co-lord, each  work  directly to the development of the project, to the rescue of the Château du Theil, and to the growth of the company.

presentation of the project:  


  1. Download the "Subscription form" below

  2. Complete it with all the requested information and sign at the bottom of the page

    • They are all compulsory and intended for the examination of the document by the law firm.

    • The phone number must be a mobile phone for your identification when electronically signing future company documents. Your number will never be communicated outside the company or used for commercial purposes.  

    • Each subscription warrant is registered and there can be only one holder of the shares.

    • The name on the subscription form, the identity document and the bank account holder must be identical.

  3. Scan your identity document: identity card (front and back) or passport

  4. Return all documents to us by email: Completed subscription form and identity document. Please remind us in the body of the email how much you want to invest and your personal information.

  5. You can also return the documents in hard copy to us: subscription voucher, identity document,  at the following address: SAS Château du Theil, 1 Allée du Château du Theil 19200 USSEL.

  6. Finally, pay the funds you want to invest (100 € minimum), for this 2 possibilities:

    • By bank transfer using the rib (available below)

    • or by check payable to "SAS Château du Theil" to be attached to the sending of the above-mentioned documents.

    • For any sending in paper version, the file must be mailed no later than January 25 for processing by us before January 30 (closing date of this campaign)

    • Any amount less than € 100 will simply be refused and refunded.


IMPORTANT: In the event of an incomplete procedure (lack of documents, lack of signature, inconsistency of name or poor legibility of the identity document) the investment will be purely and simply canceled and refunded.
The investment will only become final after validation by the three founding partners.

Warning: Investing in an unlisted company presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of capital as well as a risk of illiquidity.

Downloadable documents

Subscription voucher

Provisional accounting extract



A subscription order in English can be emailed to you on request to help you complete it. The other documents are only available in French, so it is up to you to translate them if necessary.

For further information, please contact us