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Give an ORIGINAL gift!

Gift cards
of the Château du Theil
The different formulas

Value of the check: 100 €


Invitation to come and plant one of the trees in the new flowered park yourself. Choice of species on site depending on availability. A name plate will be directly attached to it.
Can't you come? Don't worry, we'll take care of everything, we'll plant the tree and you will receive your sponsorship certificate.


Value of the check: 200 €


An invitation (to use or as a gift) for 2 people for a meal (noon or evening) in our restaurant, 2 house cocktails offered (excluding additional drinks, as soon as it opens)


Value of the check: 350 €


One night (to use or to offer) for 2 people in one of the rooms of the castle, breakfasts included. (upon opening)

To receive your gift voucher contact us

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